In the old days the sea was always calm and the sky was always blue. So the wrinklies from the early 70's say -So retro yourself back to the 7o's and the original LLEVADÓ SKI SCHOOL as we used to be known as. I hope that a few people from the original era find this site (if they have learnt to use a computer) and enjoy looking at the few pics included. Feel free to send us any pics you may have yourself concerning Llevadó Ski School of the old days.

Originated by Cliff and Norman - Terry and Pam took over the running of the ski school during the early 70's - a few staff a couple of boats and a water ski-ing platform.


Many people were sucessfully taught the art of skiing by Terry behind Sundancer or Seaspray. The original centre progressed to windsurf hire (once it was invented) and sailing. Also the hire of small boats and engines which usually returned after being capsized in a sorry state. The living quarters of the ski school was a hut named the Ponderosa where many people have fond memories of fine parties. A few tents made up the whole Head quarters. 1980 saw the end of the old ski school when Terry and Pam had other commitments back in England. However in the 1989 they returned and have rebuilt the centre turning it into a viable business. With many sports and a dive centre as you have already seen on the rest of the site. We are still building our site so expect a few changes and some extra pics. Please contact us or sign our guestbook. CALA LLEVADÓ WATERSPORTS CENTRE 2000